O’Neill: Sidewell didn’t have Career Graph Like Milner


James Milner has recorded more playing minutes under Jurgen Klopp than under any other manager. However, it’s Martin O’Neill who has called on the player the second most. The experienced midfielder has played 13696 minutes on the field for Liverpool under Klopp. He has made 202 appearances for Germany till now. This is only 90 clear of all the previous coaches.

Milner has been a part of more games under Robertp Mancini at Manchester City, O’Neill has only trusted with more minutes on the field playing for Aston Villa, a total of 7804. This has edged the Italian footballers by 762.

On average, he has spent 84.9 minutes on the field for each outing when playing under O’Neill. This is a feat that he worked on with the manager when he played for Villa under David O’Leary in 2005-06.

Hence, it can be said that O’Neill understands the consistency and quality that he was able to see upon Milner. He hailed the vice-captain of Liverpool as the ‘identikit pro.’ O’Neill also dismissed the nickname given to him when he was at Villa ‘Teacher’s Pet’. However, it is highly unlikely that the professional is going to worry as it has enjoyed a remarkably successful career.

c. He said that Milner wasn’t the Teacher’s Pet for him but he has been excellent. He is glad that the Teacher’s pet has gone on to win so many games.

He said that people who called him Teacher’s Pet such as Curtis Davies or Steve Sidewell didn’t have as great a career graph as Milner. James has been able to cover significant ground and he is just as an identikit pro. He puts his all in the game and training.