Hove Albion’s Steve Sidwell talks about his coaching situation

At the age of 33, Steve Sidwell is reaching the last few stages of his career and the English midfielder is aware of this, it’s because of this reason that Sidwell is already preparing himself for life outside of the pitch and the English player is taking all the steps needed to start off his career as a manager.

Steve Sidwell has been playing football at a competitive level since he performed in the youth squad of Arsenal which was back in 2000.

From there on out, Sidwell has gone out to perform with a number of different clubs including: Brentford, Reading, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Fulham just to name a few of his former teams.

The experienced midfielder recently voiced details concerning his current situation as a player in Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club and Sidwell later went on to talk about his near future and revealed information in relation to his managerial career which still has not kicked off but he is working to making it happen.

‘’Every year is tough but you only have to look at this year with the teams coming down like Aston Villa, Norwich and Newcastle. Then you have got teams like Derby and Sheffield Wednesday that are still there and spending.It’s so different from being a player. You have to be able to stand up in front of a group and get your ideas across. So I am learning a lot’’

“I find myself watching games now and it feels completely different. I’m not watching the ball but I’m watching the winger to see why he hasn’t tucked in or why someone else hasn’t made that run. It’s annoying in a way because I can’t just enjoy the game like I used to.” Steve Sidwell of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club said as he talked about his current situation in the Championship League club as well as his near future.