Steve Sidwell blames Roberto Di Matteo for Aston Villa’s dissapointment

Aston Villa went from competing in the Premier League during the season of 2015-16 to falling into the bottom spots of the English League Championship.

This is a huge step down for the English club and Steve Sidwell believes that the recent string of underwhelming performances from the players of Aston Villa is due to Roberto Di Matteo as he is the man to blame.

Steve Sidwell used to perform with Aston Villa from 2008-2011 and even though he is no longer part of the club, he still remains up to date with everything that is going on with his former club and the 33 year old English midfielder has recently voiced his thoughts concerning some of the things that are going on in with his former club.

“Steve Clarke, I’ve worked under him, the training would have been top draw. The lads would have enjoyed working under him. Di Matteo has fantastic pedigree, but there was obviously no connection there.” Steve Sidwell said.

Out of the 13 opening English League Championship matches of the season that Aston Villa has played so far, they have secured 2 triumphs, 8 draws and 3 defeats. After Aston Villa suffered relegation from the Premier League during the 2015-16 season, supporters of the club wanted and expected them to earn a promotion spot in the English League Championship and get back to the top tier English League but at this point in time, the question that is rising if they will even be able to escape from the bottom relegation zone.

Sidwell has also stated the importance of home games as the current player of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club said that in order to get back to the Premier League which is one of their main objectives, for this to happen they will have to earn a good form in their home matches.

‘’They are obviously going to want to go back to the Premier League as quickly as they can, but they are going to need to get to grips with the Championship as it’s relentless.” Steve Sidwell added on.