The Fulham midfielder Steve Sidwell has said that he feared for the worst when he suffered a number of new problems last season. The former Reading and Chelsea midfielder has now said that he almost came to the end of his career last season, but is now fit and ready.

The midfielder has now there was even a time when he discussed the options he had once he retired from football. The feeling of retirement from football at 29 years of age, though, helped him to kickstart his recovery. The 29-year-old will now be facing Aston Villa during the weekend as one of the best players of the Fulham team this season.

He says this is a remarkable progress from the dark and gloomy days of last season. The hernia problem that he initially suffered was turned into a groin and abdominal problem subsequently. He has said that the operation he decided to undergo last season would be the final attempt at recovery. Thankfully, for the operation was a success and he has been able to resume his playing career. He has said that football has been his life since the age of five and it would have been a catastrophe if there was certainly no football left in him.

“It was a hernia that turned into groin problem, then an abdominal problem. It was a nightmare. The last operation could have been the last throw of the dice, but it worked. There was a time when I sat down with my advisors to look at what circumstances I would be in if I had to throw in the towel. Fortunately I had this operation that worked and I did all the rehab,” said Steve Sidwell. Fulham come into the match after having drawn their previous encounter 3-3 with Arsenal.