Hodgson admits that Rooney is uneloquent but a good captain

Roy Hodgson, the Three Lions boss, has admitted that Wayne Rooney is not the best of the speakers, but, despite that, he believes that the Manchester United player is a great leader as he inspires the other members in the squad.
Rooney has taken over from Steven Gerrard as captain very recently, but, he is not getting the support of the entire football fraternity in England. Many people are questioning his suitability to be able to lead a side.
His way of talking is obviously one thing that people are concerned about, but, his temperament is also under the scrutiny after the way he behaved with an opposition player the other night in a league game versus West Ham United. He was sent off for that act of his, but, that left his critics with a lot to speak about.
It was not the first time this season that Rooney seemed to have lost his cool on the pitch. It has happened two or three times now. For a guy who is not only the captain of his national team, but, also the captain of a 20-time Premier League winning club, that doesn’t send a positive message outside.
Rooney was a brat player initially in his career, but, over the years, he matured and in the past few seasons, people had not been having too many complaints with his on field behaviour, but, his short tempered attitude this season has led the critics saying that the striker might be reverting to his teenage years.
Hodgson, however, doesn’t think that. Speaking about Rooney the other day, the English manager said, “I don’t think Wayne is lacking temperament. Obviously, I cannot stop the journalists from writing what they think, but, I don’t agree to them at all.”